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Each Instructor has their own unique skills to guide you through your chosen exercise path.

Whether you have new to exercising or you are a person who needs specific training, we can help!

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Personal Trainers

We work with people who have never exercised before to the elite. Train at home, outdoors or in the gym. All sessions are SMART goal set. Our team of personal trainers consist of male and female Instructors. Click on the link and find your trainer.


Group Exercise Instructors

Our male and female instructors offer an array of group exercise classes.  Boot Camps, Body Conditioning, Step, Aerobics, Pump, BLT, Kettlebell, and more. To meet your group exercise instructor click on the link and chose your class.

Pilates Instructors

Our Pilates instructors offer 6 week courses, drop in classes, One-to-One sessions, small group and large groups. Sessions in your home, garden,gyms and halls. All sessions are SMART goal set to meet your needs. Click on the link to find an instructor.

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